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Learn more about our vision, plan, and how you can get involved

Our Vision

To create a new system where we take degenerated land, regenerate the natural ecosystems by growing food forests, and create forest-based sustainable businesses that honor the earth and local people.

Our Plan

5 key phases


Locals who own degenerated land apply to partner with us at the Ulu Food Forest


Our chosen team of experts then work with that local partner to create a vision and plan for regenerating the land and creating a sustainable forest-based business


Next we set up a land regeneration camp led by the experts and local leaders where international and local volunteers help implement the plan


We build a long term operations team and systems that enable us to hand over the project to the locals to maintain and grow for future generations


We give follow-up support—aiding the locals in creating Sustainable Success

What is a Forest-based Business?

A forest based business is a business that works with the natural ecosystem to create a profitable product that increases the value of the forest and ensures long-term preservation.

Our Goal

To create our first funded Ulu Food Forest in Bali, Indonesia

And ultimately grow to hundreds of Ulu Food Forests all over the world.

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